7P notes: Wacom One Pen GEN2 (CP-923)


The new Wacom One Pen: (CP-923)

This is the Wacom One Pen for the Wacom One (Gen 2) tablets. Wacom also shows this on their site as the "Wacom One Standard Pen".

I will refer to this pen as the "Wacom One Pen (Gen 2)"

The Old Wacom One Pen (CP-913)

Pen support

  • All the Wacom One (Gen 2) tablets are compatible with the new Wacom One Pen (Gen 2).

  • This is good. It eliminates a huge source of confusion around pen compatibility.

Pen evolution

  • One by Wacom (CTL-472, CTL-672) -> Wacom Pen 2K (LP-190K)

  • Intuos (CTL-4100*, CTL-6100*) -> Wacom Pen 4K (LP-1100K)

  • Wacom One Pen (Gen 1) -> CP91300B2Z

  • Wacom One Pen (Gen 2) -> CP92303B2Z

Pressure levels

  • One by Wacom (CTL-472, CTL-672) -> 2048

  • Intuos (CTL-4100*, CTL-6100*) -> 4096

  • Wacom One (Gen 1) -> 4096

  • Wacom One (Gen 2) -> 4096

So no improvements to pen pressure levels. As a reminder, all you really need are 2048 pressure levels and it is the pressure range that is more important.

Number of pen buttons

  • New pen (CP-923) -> 2 buttons

  • Old pen (CP-913) -> 1 button


  • New pen (CP-923) -> supports tilt

  • Old pen (CP-913) -> does not support tilt


Backwards compatibility

  • New pen (CP-923) -> Does not work with Wacom One (Gen 1) (DTC-133) tablet

Forwards compatibility

  • Old pen (CP-913) -> Does work with new new Wacom One (Gen 2) tablets

Samsung Galaxy S compatibility

  • I confirmed both pens (CP-913, CP-923) work with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra.

  • I confirmed that the Samsung S Pen works with both the Wacom One (Gen 1) tablet and the Wacom One (Gen 2) tablets

Serious Pressure problems

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