7P notes: Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 (DTH-167)


An EXCELLENT pen display.

Although there are newer Cintiq Pro models from 2022 and 2023, the Cintiq Pro 16 from 2021 competes with them strongly. Wacom may have improved the new models support for color or added support for higher refresh rates, but they did not improve upon the already great drawing experience with this tablet.


While it does have a fan, the tablet isn't very loud, unlike the Cintiq Pro 27. If you are sensitive to fan noise though, it may be an issue.

The amount of noise is based on the brightness setting. But even at 100% brightness it is quieter than a Cintiq Pro 27.

Pointer lag

TYPICAL for a pen display. You can see the pointer trail the physical tip of the pen.

Apple iPads with the Apple Pencil have much less pointer lag

Pen tablets also have very little pointer lag in general.

Anti-glare Sparkle

Rating: LOW. It has more than the Cintiq Pro 27 - but that is to be expected since it is a 4K display.


It has 3 ports located on the top edge:

  • HDMI

  • USB-C (DP alt mode support)

  • Power.

My connection configuration

I have it connected with a thunderbolt 3 cable and the Wacom power adapter that it came with.

Pen tracking accuracy

VERY GOOD. Very accurate. Like all pen displays veyr slight inaccuracy at the last 1mm to 2mm at the edges or corners.

Pen Pressure

The Wacom Pro Pen 2 (KP-504E) has an excellent low IAF and an excellent large maximum pressure.


Very good. Low amount of parallax for a pen display. On par with other Cintiq Pro models such as the Cintiq Pro 22.

Using single USB-C cable

Unlike many other 16" pen displays, a single USB-C cable is not enough to power this tablet. You Still have to use their supplied power adapter.


Fans keep it cool. At the default brightness, the tablet is cool to the touch. At maximum brightness slightly warm.

VESA mounting

It is VESA mountable.


It does not come with a stand. I use a VESA-compatible Huion stand to hold this tablet at an angle.


No legs

Diagonal Wobble

Rating: VERY GOOD. Low wobble in all velocities tested.

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