7P notes: Wacom One GEN1 (DTC-133)


This solid tablet beginner tablet - though it is overpriced for what it is.

I still think 13" tablets are too small for adults. I normally recommend 16" tablets. but as a starter tablet, and for a child, this is OK.

Wacom did release the Wacom One 13 touch GEN2 tablet which is the direct successor, but that tablet is more expansive and was worse pressure handling.


The tablet comes with a 3-in-1 cable. And you must use this specific cable.

Also that what you plug in the 3-in-1 cable to the top of the tablet, the cord from should go to the left. If the cord goes to the right the tablet won't work.

The tablet DOES NOT work with a single USB-C cable.

Display Panel

This has an AVHA display panel, not IPS. The colors are a little washed out and viewing angles are not great.


The supplied Wacom One GEN1 pen (CP-913) is a decent pen.

  • 4096 pressure levels

  • Two buttons

Compatible pens

Besides the Wacom One GEN1 pen (CP-913), the Wacom One GEN1 (DTC-133) tablet is compatible with other pens not made by Wacom.

Wacom X-Shape cable for Wacom One DTC-133

The Wacom One (DTC-133) uses a PROPRIETARY 3-in-1 cable that Wacom calls the "X-Shape cable" (ACK44506Z).

You can purchase it from the Wacom store: https://estore.wacom.com/en-us/wacom-one-x-shape-cable.html.

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