7P notes: XP-Pen Deco Pro XLW GEN2 (MT1592B)


I used this tablet from 2023/07/26 to 2023/11/01 and have been very happy with it.


This is large-sized tablet -comparable in size to the Wacom Intuos Pro Large (PTH-860). and you should be aware about the realities of using a tablet this big: Using large pen tablets

Build quality and design

Is great across the board. The thing looks and feels great. In this dimension, seems to rival the premium feel of Wacom. Again I am just talking about the materials here and looks. This XP-Pen tablet it seems more modern in its aesthetic than other tablets.

XP-Pen branding - The XP-Pen logo is prominently featured on the pen case and at the bottom edge of the tablet. Frankly I think it looks cool and I enjoy being able to visually distinguish the tablet from the many others I have.

Indicator lights on surface

Four indicator lights are just past the corners of the active area. They will light up if the pen is within 10 mm of the active area. The lights are white. You can turn them off in the driver.


It comes with XP-Pen X3 Pro pen. The shape is very close to the Wacom Pro Pen 2. It has two buttons, an eraser. It has a good pressure range. Much more here: XP-Pen X3 Pro pen .

Pen compatibility

  • X3 Pro pen: Compatible with this tablet

  • X3 Elite: NOT compatible with this tablet


Surface texture Seems similar to a Wacom Intuos Pro L (PTH-860).

Replaceable surface? No.

Surface details

  • The surface has a nice touch. At the bottom bevel is gently arcs down so that your hands avoid contact with a hard edge.

  • At surface is a slab that actually hangs over the table like a flat roof. I've never encountered a tablet with this before. It doesn't change how it works, but it is an interesting design choice. I like the look

  • Surface edge at the very edge of the surface, the transition from horizontal surface to vertical is not very rounded.


The tablet itself has none.

Pen pressure

Maximum pressure - Top End of pressure range for the pen seems comparable to the what I am used to with the Huion PW517. Not not as high as Wacom Pro Pen 2.

Minimum pressure (IAF)

  • XP-Pen says 3gf.

  • It is easy to drag the pen across the surface and even hear the scratch sound without the pen registering pressure.

  • Compared to Wacom: Wacom Pro Pen 2 is <1gf. The difference in the IAFs is very obvious.

  • Compared to Huion: It felt to me that this XP-Pen has an IAF larger than the Huion PW517 pen. I need time to evaluate this again.

Pointer lag

Normal of pointer lag for non-Wacom tablets.

A little more pointer lag than a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. If you are coming from a Wacom Intuos Pro, you might initially feel like the pointer lag is just ever-so-slightly "floaty". The effect is very subtle. After using this tablet for several months I don't even notice.

Diagonal wobble

Rating: OK

It has more wobble than the Wacom Intuos Pro Large (PTH-860). Notice that wobble is slightly present even in the fast stroke. XP-Pen should be doing better here since it is targeted at a pro audience. In practice this wobble has not impacted me at all.

Enabling brush smoothing options in your applications will minimize its visibility.


Pen case - Adding the the premium feel is the pen case. Which holds the pen, extra nibs, and nib remover. It really is a slick looking.

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