7P notes: One by Wacom (CTL-x72)


The One By Wacom series of pen tablet (CTL-672, and CTL-472) are very good tablets. I highly recommend them for beginners. They are very reliable, have a good drawing experience, and allow you to explore drawing tablets without spending too much.

If you want to save some money you can find them on eBay. More here: Buying used drawing tablets


  • One by Wacom Medium (CTL-672) - released 2019

  • One by Wacom Small (CTL-472) - released 2019

Core features

  • Pen - The tablet comes with a Wacom 2K Pen (LP-190K). This is a standard 2-button pen.

  • Pen pressure range - and has a very low IAF (which is EXCELLENT) and an OK Maximum pressure of around 300gf. My notes on this pen: 7P notes: Wacom 2K Pen (LP-190K)

  • Pressure Levels - 2048. This may seem low when you see other tablets rated at 8K or 16K pressure levels. Do not worry. 2048 is enough pressure levels for creative tasks. This is absolutely not going to affect the quality of the art you can make with this tablet. I maintain all you need are about 2000 levels of pressure.

  • Tilt - this tablet does NOT support tilt

    • For a beginner this may not be an issue. Many people do not need tilt.

Cabling and connectivity

  • Cable - the tablet comes with a Micro USB to USB-A cable. You can use this cable or any cable that supports data.

  • Ports - the port on the tablet is Micro USB.

  • Wireless - These tablets DO NOT SUPPORT WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY. You must always use them with a cable.


These tablets do NOT have any buttons or dials on the tablet.


These tablets DO NOT support touch.


The One by Wacom pen is a little more plasticky and less premium feeling in hand than the Wacom's professional pens. But this is not a big deal for a beginner.


These is a highly recommended tablets for playing osu! More here: Buying a drawing tablet for osu!

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