7P notes: Huion Inspiroy 2 L (H1061P)



I only tried this tablet for about a week. In most ways it is a good tablet with some nice features.

HOWEVER, some units (not all) display some bad pressure handling.

Pen pressure problems


I have two units of this tablet and both exhibit the problem. I've run into several other people who also have the same problems, but also have seen people say they do not experience the problem. Tablet experiences extremely unstable pressure causing extreme pulsing of strokes.

What it looks like

Example: With Krita Ink3 GPen brush with default settings and size set to 400 pixels and drawing at the lower end of pressure.

The pulsing is also visible in smaller brushes - for example 100 pixels.

The effect is not noticeable with small brushes for example 5 pixels.

Huion needs to address this problem with an update.

This behavior seems hardware-related. It occurs with both when using the Huion driver and OpenTabletDriver.


This tablet comes with the Huion PW110 pen

Pen compatibility pens

I tried it with a PW517 pen. It worked.


Huion puts L in the name of this tablet to identify it is as a "large" tablet. However this tablet is close to size to medium tablets like the Wacom Intuos Pro medium (PTH-660) it is nowhere close to the true large size of something like the Wacom Intuos Pro Large (PTH-860) or the Huion Inspiroy Giano G930L.


Does NOT support wireless connectivity. It must be connected with USB cable.

Express keys

I really enjoyed the flexibility of how the buttons work with the group keys. Even though there are 8 buttons, with the three group keys, you get effectively 8x3 = 24 buttons.

Pressure instability testing

Test 1 on 2023/12/6

  • firmware: T21m 221228

  • app: Krita

  • brush: ink-3 G pen, 500px

  • driver: v15.6.2.80

  • comments: strong pulsing effect at lower pressues. Size of brush jumps dramatically up and down.

Test 2 on 2023/12/6

  • firmware: T21m 221228

  • app: Krita

  • brush: ink-3 G pen, 500px

  • driver: v15.7.6.753

  • comments: pulsing still strongly present at lower pressures but with this driver the effect is smoother.

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