Pen nib material


The nibs of drawing tablet pens can be made of different materials. The most common nib material is plastic or felt. The vast majority of pens, by default, have a plastic nib pre-installed. Though I know of at least one case where a pen has a felt nib preinstalled (The Huion PW600 and PW600S). The numerical can greatly affect the drawing experience.

Effects of nib material

Surface texture - Drawing with plastic nib feels smoother. Felt adds a little extra sensation of texture

Nib wear - Felt nibs will wear down more than plastic nibs.

Impact damage - I've dropped pens with felt nibs and found that a drop is more likely to affect damage the felt nib.

Wacom ONE (GEN2) nib material choices

Wacom offers three materials for some of their tablets such as the Wacom One:

  • standard

  • elastomer

  • felt

See this video for an explanation of how standard, elastomer, and felt feel:

Metal nibs

I DO NOT recommend using a metal nib.

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