TourBox ( makes an input device that simplifies doing artwork with a drawing tablet. My notes on using the TourBox


Essentially the TourBox is like a keyboard/keypad that looks like a game controller - where the buttons are completely customizable. A single key or dial can even be set do perform different functions for different applications.

The key benefit of this device is that instead of using the keyboard while you are drawing - which frequently, you can use the TourBox instead to perform common actions like

  • zoom in / zoom out

  • undo / redo

  • change brush size

  • switch tools

There are three models:

  • TourBox NEO - this was the first version

  • TourBox ELITE - this is an improved version that supports some haptic feedback and has wirless support

  • TourBox LITE - This is a simpler version that is just as big as the NEO and ELITE and has fewer controls.

TourBox NEO

TourBox Elite

TourBox LITE

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